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Tips to Stay Alive and win Chicken Dinner

Tips to Stay Alive and win Chicken Dinner
 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is very simple in concept, enter, grab your weapon and stay alive. That's not to say that some of the PUBG tips won't be helpful, especially when a multiplayer game intends to do so. To meet the requirements, many PUBG quizzes are designed to improve your survival, whether it be a careful progression, your choice of battle, or escape from the shame. Caffeinated drink from your Erangel or 5.56mm rounds from your 7.62mm, we have some PUBG tips below so you can shoot, loot, and eat chicken in seconds. 

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 1. Try not to go blue almost instantly 

 The assumption that you need to survive and then get damaged is probably not a good idea, although everything will be fine at the beginning of the game. If you have cover at the edge of the blue circle, you will take limited damage, but no one can predict that you will be there.For some great recovery options, you might want to stay there for a long time and not fight at all. You may even have the ability to kill multiple enemies of disoriented enemies. However, it is good for your health and the next round in general. care. 

 2. A landscape can be as large a hideout as any structure or divider. 

 Buildings are often very helpful in keeping people alive, especially if footpaths may be closed, but they pose many dangers. Placed explosives will instantly end your run, and in case someone notices that you are there, they may just stay at the start. 

If you're looking for a good spot to hang out a bit, try exploring a corner, slope, or slope so your opponent doesn't have a chance to hit you. More importantly, there are more exit options. 3. In a rallying battle, keeping a close eye on the damage to the three people you have killed, it can be difficult to figure out what to accept and what to win. 

The general standard here is really a fine basic one. Continue to wear a level 3 helmet even if it is about to be destroyed. The third level will constantly save you from being shot to the head by the M24, and this is a special level that will do just that. So it's almost always great. 


 4. ..it may be that level 3 vests here and there 

Tips to Stay Alive and win Chicken Dinner

 The vests are somewhat unique to head defenders when it comes to cost, but just as invariably, an intact level 3 will always be above level 2. At the end games, if you plan on engaging in a lot of battles, priority strength makes more sense than undeniably level. 

Thus, the complete medical level two is higher than the fourth level of medical care at the third level because it will last longer. ...However, if these are the latter, taking tier 3 damage should be the best option, as preventing more damage with one shot can be the difference between success and failure. 

 5. Playing at the edge of the circle 

Tips to Stay Alive and win Chicken Dinner

 When you start getting into the late game, different techniques start to become an integral part of the game. What can keep you alive is playing on the edge of the circle, and staying on the edge is an area where you have to know a lot about the contract. You understand that most of what is behind you is well protected, so you need to know what is in front of you. If you are in the center, you need to keep an eye on everything, of course, this is not an easy task. 

 6. Always get support at the end of the game 

Tips to Stay Alive and win Chicken Dinner

 No matter how healthy you are, when you reach the last 15, you should start drinking caffeinated drinks and pain relievers to achieve this. Maintain and restore health. There is some purpose behind this, such as the lack of tension after a late battle, as well as the possibility that the restoration of health can defeat you in close combat.

 Once you get access to them, you need to start the elevators in advance, as there is no point in storing them. Who Needs Pain Relief for Chicken Dinner? 


 7. Saving in the bush works great 

 Sounds crazy, but bush does give a great second

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